2018 Pro-Street Diesel Tech Crew (Left to Right): John Denny, Kyle Duernberger and Jake Boness

Open Stock, Super Stock & Pro-Street Diesel Rules

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Throughout the season many event venues request or host non-sanction classes for street gas and/or street diesel trucks that are still used on the highway today. These classes are directed at the huge number of owners who want to compete at Badger Truck Pullers Association pulls but are restricted by how much money that want to put into their ‘daily driver’.

Although NO membership is required, a one-time hook fee must be paid and certain rules and restrictions apply including; valid drivers license and proof of insurance (please see Street Gas and Street Diesel Rules). Strictly limited number of entrants are allowed at each event and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Driver and truck must be on site to register in order to complete registration. If you plan to register, please arrive early.

Street Gas

2018 Super Stock Tech Crew (Left to Right): Fritz Luebke, Steve Sterwald Sr. and TJ Schliewe

2018 Street Diesel Tech Crew (Left to Right): Kyle Durenburger and John Denny

Street Diesel Rules

A Special Thank You...

The Badger Truck Pullers Association and its members sincerely appreciate the significant contributions of the 2017 Tech Crew including; Steve Sterwald, Sr. and TJ Schliewe (Super Stock), Ryan Vos and Allan Carter (Open Stock) and Jake Boness (Pro-Street Diesel).

2018 Street Gas Tech Crew: Brandon Langsdorf

Street Gas Rules

Street Diesel

2018 Open Stock Tech Crew (Left to Right) Allan Carter and Ryan Vos

2018 Class Information


Super Stock

Pro-Street Diesel

Open Stock