​​​​      Badger Truck Pullers Association

Please Welcome our new Vice President,

Josh Astell

I’ve always been a member of BTPA, because it’s in my blood. My first real BTPA gig was measuring track distances with string and a tape as a kid 20 years ago. My passion for pulling was sparked by the pullers of the late 90’s—building bigger and badger trucks to thrill the audience (pulling was much simpler then). In my early days I jumped at the chance to take on new roles at the tracks; eventually transitioning to the pits with my uncle’s pulling team. Being in the pits taught me more about the sport, the dedication and the trucks—so much action happened before the trucks even hit the track. Years later when a career ending break forced him to sell his truck, I made the decision to set out on my own. Happening upon a cast off 1985 Chevy in a farm field, my dream of an expensive weekend hobby was born. I pulled in the Altered Street/Open Gas Class and I loved everything about it! But after a few years, I realized that I simply couldn’t maintain the regiment it took to keep the truck competitive. Recognizing that my pulling days were behind me, I rejoined BTPA as a track official. Now five years later, I am looking forward to serving you as Vice President of BTPA. If you’re wondering what my favorite parts about pulling are—it’s the smell of racing fuel, the sound of a big blocks, the high RPM’s and the dirt, nothing beats the dirt. To me BTPA is like a big family, the pullers, the friends, the families and the spectators—through BTPA I have met so many great people. If we’ve not yet met please be sure to introduce yourself—I look forward to seeing you all at the tracks in 2018!