Badger Truck Pullers Association is looking forward to an incredible season in 2019 and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, October 20th!

The Spring Kick-Off Meeting is in the air....

Join us at Linda's Lookout, N8004 Co Rd A, Watertown on April 14th at 1:00pm as we get the 2018 season underway at the Badger Truck Pullers Association Spring Kick-Off Meeting! We hope you've spent the cold winter months prepping your truck are ready for the season to begin!

At the kick-off you'll have an opportunity to renew your annual membership. We'll also appoint Tech Crews for each of the classes, we'll set our tech day and we'll have a tentative schedule ready for you.

In preparation for our kick-off meeting we ask each of our members identify and solicit season-long sponsors for Badger Truck Pullers Association hooks. Included on the website you will find detailed information about sponsorships and the sponsorship application. It is the responsibility of each member contribute the time and effort necessary to gather sponsorships needed to put on a great season. It is important to know that
all members benefit from the funds raised are the main source of the points fund

When you approach potential sponsors please emphasize the high level of exposure a sponsor will receive with the ads and banners. We will need a picture or business card with the information depicting how the sponsor would like their ad or banner to look. An ad on the schedule only is $50. A 2’ x 6’ banner is $300 or a 3’ x 8’ banner is $500. All banner sponsors will receive an ad on the schedule at no charge and logo recognition on our website. Please submit digital logos to

Remember--no RSVP is necessary, but if you're planning on pulling in 2018 you'll want to join us on April 14th for the Spring Kick-Off!!

The fall of 2017 marked a special anniversary for the Badger Truck Pullers Association Members as they celebrated 20 years of trucking pulling together. Founded in the fall of 1996, based on an identified need to develop unified rules for truck pullers, the Badger Truck Pullers Association was the dream of founding fathers Ron Arndt, Russ Schuette, Glenn & Greg Koeppel, Mike & Todd Derr, Reid & Justin Ulrich and Rob Lies. 

Badger Truck Pullers Association hosted their annual awards banquet on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at the Concord House in Concord. During the celebration several members were honoredfor their contributions to the organization and the sport. This year's award recipients included;

2017 Kenny Umland Award Recipient: Jake Boness
The Kenny Umland Award award  is given to an individual which has gone the extra mile to contribute to the Badger Truck Pullers Association and represents the true spirit of pulling in general. The award recipient is chosen by the officers of the club.

2017 Matt Hahn Award Recipient: Carl Ahrens

The Matt Hahn Award is given to a member who demonstrates the highest ideal of sportsmanship throughout the year.The award recipient is chosen by the officers of the club.

2017 Rookie of the Year Award Recipient: Seth Davis
The Rookie of the Year Award is given to a puller that has participated in at least 50% of the pulls in his first year. The award recipient is chosen by all members of the club.

2017 Pullers of the Year for each class:
Open Stock: Allan Carter               Super Stock: Steve Sterwald, Sr.               Pro-street Diesel: Zac Pernat

The award recipient is chosen by all members of the club.

Top 3 points for each class:
Open Stock:  1st  Tony & Ryan Vos             2nd Allan Carter                 3rd Chace & Tony Rennhack
Super Stock:   1st Steve Sterwald, Sr.        2nd Steve Sterwald, Jr.      3rd Greg Koeppel & Zack Becker

The banquet also provides an opportunity for our members to give back to organizations that are meaningful to us. Again this year we held a drive to support People Against Domestic Abuse here in Jefferson. Our members came together to donate a significant quantity of non-perishable food and baby items and over $250 in gift cards. Thank you to all who share their generosity!

Badger Truck Pullers Association will host the Fall Pullers' Meeting on Saturday, ​​October 20th, 2018 at Bigg's Bar & Grill in Watertown.  The intent of the meeting is to offer members the opportunity to help shape the future of BTPA by recommending rule amendments and to elect the officials for the upcoming year.  Recommended rule changes  were submitted by members in advance and can be viewed here - 2019 BTPA Proposed Rule Changes.  Only rules which have been submitted in advance can be considered. Also if you have submitted rule(s) and you notice an error please contact Dean Leighton, BTPA President, (262) 210-9004 immediately.

New this year - each class will meet as a group to discuss and vote on rules related to that class. If you are a participating member in the class you are invited to attend the sessions in the Bigg's lower level as follows: Super Stock 12:00pm, Open Stock 12:30pm and Pro-Street Diesel 1:00pm. As there is plenty of space upstairs to "hang-out" and visit, please attend only the class that you hook in, members from other classes will not be permitted to attend these closed class sessions.


BTPA News - Fall 2017

BTPA News - Summer 2017

In the early years several of the fairs and other sponsors of the pulls they were participating in each had their own rules. The unique sets of rules that sponsoring agencies would make varied so much that it was difficult for the trucks to comply. Equally appealing to the sponsoring groups was the idea that they could hire a group to facilitate the pulling event in its entirety to eliminate the hasle of event coordination.  Ron and the other founding fathers stepped up to the plate to meet the demand and by the summer of 1997 incorporation paperwork had been filed and the Badger Truck Pullers Association was formed.

Over the years Badger Truck Pullers Association has grown from just a few small local pulls to traveling throughout the state of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. With three classes of pulling trucks and over 100 members we remain owned and operated by our membership.

Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of Badger Truck Pulling!

BTPA News - Summer 2018

Following the individual class meetings BTPA will host the General Rules Meeting and Elections beginning at 1:30pm. During our time together we will consider recommended General and Safety Rule Changes that were submitted by members in advance. At the conclusion and acceptance of the General and Safety Rules we will ask for nominations for the roles of President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. These will then be voted on by all members in attendance.

Though we are hopeful that all Badger Truck Pullers Association Members can be in attendance, we recognize that Fall can be a very busy season for a lot of reasons. If you are unable to attend and wish to cast a proxy vote please contact Dean Leighton, BTPA President, (262) 210-9004. Keep in mind that by casting a proxy vote you are casting a vote for the rule which has been proposed the way that it is written. Often after discussion by the members, wording is changed from the original proposed language, which may or may not have the same meaning as the original rule.

BTPA News - Fall 2018

BTPA News - Winter 2017

Members gave thanks to the outgoing officers for their significant contributions over the previous year to the Badger Truck Pullers Association. Outgoing officers include; Kenny Lee Au (President), Dean Leighton (Vice President) and Donna Au (Secretary/Treasurer).

During the fall meeting the 2018 rules are established and the election of officers takes place. Incoming officers (pictured) include; Dean Leighton (President), Josh Astell (Vice President) and Donna Au (Secretary/Treasurer).

​We're looking forward to another great year in 2018!

Badger Truck Pullers Association hosted the Fall Pullers' Meeting on Saturday, ​​September 30th, 2017 at Bigg's Bar & Grill in Watertown.  The intent of the meeting is to offer members the opportunity to help shape the future of BTPA by recommending rule amendments for the upcoming year.  Many rule changes were recommended by members, voted on and accepted by the membership body. Please see rules tab for 2018 Class Rules.

BTPA News - Spring 2018


An all new line-up of exclusive Badger Truck Pullers Association t-shirt and embroidered caps have been created just in time for the 2018 pulling season.

T-Shirts are available in six signature colors - grey, royal, lavender, kakhi, fuscia and red in sizes for the whole family -  small to double xl. Caps are available in royal and grey and feature white embroidery. Score yourself a t-shirt or cap at our next hook for just $15 each!

Merchandise will be available for purchase at each of our pulls this summer but only while supplies last. Hurry and get yours today!