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The Badger Truck Pullers Association (BTPA) formed in 1997, as way of offering a governed and organized environment in which early truck pullers thrived.  As the first group in the state to create a sanctioned class exclusively for Pro-Street Diesels, builders experimented and pushed the limits on power and performance. Throughout its 20+ year history, BTPA Super Stock, Open Stock and Pro-Street Diesel classes have brought entertainment and excitement to truck pulling in Wisconsin.

Today the Badger Truck Pullers Association continues to broaden the horizons of the truck pulling world... showcasing the pullers themselves, their equipment, their hard work, their dedication, and... their determination to go a little further, a little faster. As a premier truck pulling organization in Wisconsin, the Badger Truck Pullers Association is a power house of pulling.

We're revving up the excitement in 2018 and we invite YOU to join us... 

as a fellow puller, as a spectator, as a sponsor. We look forward to seeing you at the track!